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Estate Planning Attorneys

The estate planning attorneys of Polaris Law Group, LLC are here to help you find the proper tools and documents to make sure your family, your legacy, and your business, are protected. We help you plan your estate through all four stages of life: alive and well, mentally disabled, death, and wealth reception. We help people throughout St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, and Lincoln counties. If you’d like to learn more about creating an estate plan that works for you and your family please join us for an educational workshop or contact our office today.

Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important tasks you can do to protect your family if you become disabled or pass away.

Protecting Your Family Today and Tomorrow

Polaris Law Group has developed a unique Three-Step Strategy™ to make sure your plan works, your plan is updated and maintained, and that your family has a trusted resource to help guide them through the process after you become disabled or pass away.
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Elder Law

Planning for disability and long term care has become increasingly important with the rising costs and complexity of planning.

Protecting Your Nest Egg From Nursing Home Costs

Polaris Law Group has developed a proactive approach to elder law. We will help you and your family plan ahead to protect your nest egg from being devastated by the cost of long term care and making sure your instructions are followed.
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Business Planning

As a business owner, it is vital to have a proper legal foundation. You also must have a plan in case of your disability or death.

Protecting your legacy by protecting your business

Polaris Law Group will make sure you have the proper legal foundation, so your business can continue to grow until you are ready to hand it over or pass it down. We will also make sure your business is part of your overall estate plan.
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Probate and Estate Adminstration

Properly administering an estate, either through the probate court or outside of court can be a complex, confusing, and scary process.

Helping You Navigate the Court System

Polaris Law Group will walk you and your family through ever step of the process of settling our loved one’s estate. Whether through the court process of probate or through a private trust settlement, we will make sure the estate is transferred properly.
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Plans That Work, People Who Care™

The estate planning attorneys of Polaris Law Group philosophy emphasizes the most current estate planning techniques through the use of client-centered counseling, ongoing attorney education, and advanced estate planning developments.

We are different than the traditional law firm. We take the time to counsel our clients to ensure their plan meets their own personal, family, and financial situation. We do not fit everyone into the same standard “off the shelf” documents. We use our unique Lifespan™ maintenance and education program to keep your plan up to date, current with the law, and current with your family situation.

We then work with your family, your helpers, and your beneficiaries to train them on what to expect upon your disability or death. We create an environment of continued cooperation with you, your family, and your team of trusted advisors. Doing this, we stick with your family to make sure they have the proper assistance and caring helpers during these difficult times.

Using our unique Three-Step Strategy™ we are able to make sure that your plan works and meets your definition of estate planning.